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Bannockburn Revealed

email from William Scott, author of 'Bannockburn Revealed'

'Bannockburn Revealed costs £25. It is a hard back of about 500
pages with every relevant source printed in it and
analysed. It is the definitive work on the battle.
A cheque with postage of £5 to me will receive an
immediate copy by return. If I replied before and you just baulk at the price,
forgive me.

Donald Morrison of Dunoon thinks it is worth £250.
He has two copies and has spent about a year making a
3d model of the battle area from the maps I made in
the book which are fully explained and justified.

He and others have visited the site with me and are
100% confident about my discoveries.

My address? W Scott, 23 Argyle Place, Rothesay, Isle
of Bute, PA20 0BA. It is also on sale in shops here:
at Watergate, 2 shops have copies.'

I can vouch for what he's saying, its meaty, packed with accurately researched info about the battle and leaves no stone unturned.

Also, if you but the book, and read it, he will give you a tour of the battlefield and the places in the book.

Amazon book description:

'This 525pp hardback contains every relevant source, old map, document and letter translated and analysed; 50 photos of the battlefield which cannot be understood otherwise, 12 maps of the conflict, showing even [to a close approximation] the very woodland of 1314, the finest ever, which will be impossible to improve upon significantly. All worthy previous versions are demolished. The errors of profs Barrow, Duncan and General Christison are exposed and proved by including copies of the very documents and maps. Since there is nothing else to refer to, there can be no decent dispute about this. Every conclusion is justified and rated. Where Bruce killed Bohun, Douglas killed Gloucester, Randolph fought Clifford and Beaumont and the position of the main battle of day 2 is determined; the true path of the Pelstream, the huge bogs never seen before, the pottes and the ground conditions. The Scots won because they were brilliant. They understood the ground and made the most of it. No scholar before has ever done so. The victory was inevitable. The English were never allowed onto the Dryfield and the battle could not have occurred there because of the woodland there in 1314; could not even have taken place there in 1750 because of woodland there even then. The Scots got up at 3am, dismounted all their cavalry, marched down the steep hill through Balquhiderock Wood and by 4am had advanced on foot to within 60yds of the English cavalry who could not use their momentum to run down the Scots because they could not get up speed and there were enough Scots to withstand the short charge. Hemmed in between the Pelstream and the Bannock, they were easily defeated by pikemen. 14 independent parameters from sources and the ground define the battle lines. Prof Barrow believed the battle took its name from the place. Not so! An enlarged photo of the map of the place in 1750 shows 3 houses 150 yds apart: no village. Four centuries earlier with a quarter of the population there would have been only one house or less: no village; no place. The battle took its name from the stream for it and its banks provide the finest natural defence for hundreds of miles on the route to Stirling. The book contains hundreds of fresh insights never seen before partly because of the close analysis of sources. The accurate map is essential, especially the slopes and the woodland for cavalry cannot fight in woodland and what was possible is obvious. An expert who lives in Stirling reports being 'overwhelmed' by this book. He lost a week-end reading it, only going out for short car trips to check details in the ground he had not noticed. There is a 20 page description of the battle but everything else is original insight, argument, evidence, justification, rating of arguments. Everything here is proved and every conclusion reached with a very high level of confidence. Mathematics, science, psychology and philosophy as well as geography and history have been used in a simple way to understand this important event. No Scotsman can afford to be without this; to read, to study and to treasure. Here is the very best of Scotland, 'Bannockburn Revealed'. Scottish History is changed by this book. So is medieval history, for any history in future which fails to use the novel procedures introduced herein risks demolition because of them.'

More books on The Bruce:
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