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Bonnie Prince Charlie and some what ifs...

What would be different if Bonnie Prince Charlie had listened to his advisors, paid more attention to the needs of his men and actually won the war against England to regain the throne for his family and placed James on the throne that Mary and William of Orange "stole"?

What would have happened to the Brittish Empire?
Would the United States have been settled the way it was? Many Scots that left the Highlands fled to the Americas because of the English soldiers' brutality toward them. Would they have eventually left anyway?
How would this have effected the actions of the English in the Colonies?
Would the English still be occupying Northern Ireland?

I know this isn't the usual stuff discussed but would love to hear what you all have to say about this.

I'm working on a story that involves this and could use all the ideas I can come up with so if anyone is willing to share...*hopeful look*
Thanks in advance!
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